The power of staging

The power of staging

Written by Agnieszka on 10/17/18, 8:05 PM

Its always tough to sell vacant homes. Bare walls can look boring, dingy  and sometimes scary. On many occasions buyers have tough time even picturing where everything was so it makes it even harder to imagine where would their stuff go. That’s the story of 26 Duffern.

The house went complete overhaul including new kitchen, new flooring, new paint and gorgeous back yard. It was a pleasure to list with the smell of fresh paint in every corner of the house. Price was certainly right supported by few comps from the area. We did 3 Open Houses in a row and no offers?!?!?! What went wrong?

We had pretty good turnout considering the end of prime selling season so we asked for feedback each and everyone of them. Tiny bedrooms was the verdict…. one said" A queen size bed won't even fit in there"…. It was time to prove them wrong.

Few blow up materaces, colorful bedding and a trendy accessories made these rooms inviting and showed their true potential. It must have worked because we got an offer in 3 days, actually two offers:-) See the difference for yourself!




Agnieszka BAJAN

Agnieszka is a Realtor, a real estate broker who has been serving local communities in Upstate New York since 2005.

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